IN YOUR DREAMS – a show of prints (hand pulled & altered) at Northern Kentucky University’s Main Gallery.

Spring Tide, Kathleen Piecefield

Spring Tide by Kathleen Piercefield, NKU Printmaker

14 February 2013: NKU Print Club Shares Dreams by Jackie Demaline.

The NKU Print Club celebrates 25 years with “In Your Dreams,” continuing through March 8 at the Northern Kentucky University Main Gallery.

Comprised of alumni, former and current students, area printmakers and NKU faculty, the club’s 27 members all show multiple works on the theme suggested by NKU alumni, Kathleen Piercefield.

Some of the Print Club’s diverse membership:

» NKU printmaking faculty member Brian Stuparyk owns “Steam Whistle Press” in Over-the-Rhine
» Susan Naylor runs Tiger Lily Press in Cincinnati
» NKU alum Alison Shepard is the printmaking professor at Thomas More College
» Radha Lakshmi is originally from India and taught printmaking at NKU
» Saad Ghosn, originally from Lebanon, is a physician and professor at UC College of Medicine
» Bonnie Mitsui is an organic farmer and owns Turner Farm in Indian Hill
» NKU alum Carola Bell works as Registrar and Art Courier for the Cincinnati Art Museum READ MORE at

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